About me

peter_smaliHi all!

My name is Peter Smali, born 1974 and located in Stockholm. I’ve been professionally part of the IT industry just short of ten years. I’ve been working my way up to senior system engineering and architecting mostly through self-study and developing my lab environment, which I do enjoy very much.

Currently I’m a senior consultant at EnvokeIT (one of the leading IT consulting firms in the Nordics). I’ve been involved in several projects over the years, technical as well as non-technical. I’m specialized in partly designing, building, maintaining, troubleshooting and optimizing Citrix “Netscaler & Mobility” oriented infrastructures for both global enterprise infrastructures and local mid size organisations.

To keep things interesting I like to set myself challenging goals every now and then, professionally as well as personally, and my main focus for 2018, at least professionally, will continue be both Citrix and Microsoft (Azure).

I do always strive to keep my knowledge level up to date, which is hard enough with all that’s going on these days. One of the methods I use to achieve that is blogging about it as soon as I get a chance. Anyway, for me it’s a perfect way to build up sort of an online knowledge base, and share some of my insights and solutions along the way as well. I hope you guys enjoy this blog, and find this helpful somehow!












Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!