You can configure custom clientless access policies on NetScaler Gateway for user connections with Receiver for Web by adhering to the following guidelines:

•Receiver requires that StoreFront XML traffic cannot be rewritten, which would occur when users connect to NetScaler Gateway with clientless access.
•App Controller requires the rewriting of HTML traffic.
•Receiver for Web requires that certain cookies are not proxied through NetScaler Gateway.
If you create clientless access policies for Receiver and Receiver for Web, bind the Receiver policy to the virtual server before you bind the Receiver for Web policy. When you bind the Receiver policy, set a lower priority number to make sure that this policy takes precedence over the Receiver for Web policy.

To configure a clientless access policy for Receiver for Web

1.In the configuration utility, click the Configuration tab and then in the navigation pane, click NetScaler Gateway.
2.In the details pane, under Policy Manager, click Change group settings and user permissions.
3.In the NetScaler Gateway Policy Manager, under Available Policies / Resources, click Clientless Access Policies.
4.Under Related Tasks, click Create new clientless access policy.
5.In Name, type a name for the policy.
6.Under Expression, type true.
7.Next to Profile, click New.
8.In Name, type a name for the profile.
9.On the Rewrite tab, in URL Rewrite, select ns_cvpn_default_inet_url_label.
10.On the Client Cookies tab, next to Client Cookies, click New.
11.In the Configure Pattern Set dialog box, under Specify Pattern, in Pattern, add the following cookies in this order:
a.Enter the value CsrfToken and then click Add.
b.Enter the value ASP.NET_SessionId and then click Add.
c.Enter the value CtxsPluginAssistantState and then click Add.
d.Enter the value CtxsAuthId and then click Add.
12.Click Create three times and then click Close.

Then bind the clientless access policy to a virtual server.