The new Netscaler firmware NS11.0 gives you the approtunity to enable Framehawk Support for your remote users.
So first of all you need to upgrade your Netscaler firmware to latest Netscaler 11 firmware NS11.0 or later if available.
Framehawk is UDP based, taking a “best efforts” approach at data transmission. UDP is just a small part of how Framehawk overcomes lossiness, as can be seen when comparing the performance of Framehawk with other UDP-based protocols, but it provides an important foundation to the human-centric techniques that sets Framehawk apart, so ensure that UDP port 443 is open on your firewall.

In this post I’ll suppose you already configured HDX Framehawk according to Framehawk Administrator Guide

1. Logon to you Netscaler and navigate to Netscaler Gateway – Virtual Servers
Highlight your VPN virtual server and hit Edit
Now Edit Basic Settings – Click More and enable DTLS and Hit OK





2. You need to re-bind your server certificate for DTLS handshake






And a Cipher warning may pop up, just ignore it by hitting OK






3. Configure Storefront servers by enabling Framehawk support for iOS Receiver

Once logged on to Storefront navigate to: \\Storefront-Server\c$\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\Store-name\App_Data
Now edit the file (Default.ica) by adding the following line in the WFClient section: Framehawk=On






Save your changes and you are done 🙂