MDM Traffic:

  1. Mobile device uses Worx Home to enroll the device.
  2. NetScaler will intercept this communication using both LB vservers listening on port 443 and 8443.
    To balance the MDM traffic, NetScaler is using SSL Session ID as persistence.
  3. When the device is enrolled, one of the XenMobile Servers in the cluster ‘push’ policies/apps along with the NetScaler Gateway URL to the mobile device.
MAM Traffic:
  1. If the user wants to access Web/SaaS/MDX apps from XenMobile Server, Worx Home will communicate with the NetScaler Gateway vserver (port 443).
  2. When the user is authenticated on NetScaler Gateway, NetScaler communicates with the internal LB vserver used to load balance MAM traffic sessions. To balance the MAM traffic, NetScaler is looking for cookie value called ACNODEID.
    The NetScaler will use the persistence of CustomServerID to identify which XenMobile Server node to contact based on the ACNODEID.